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In 1984, Mr. Jean Fortin, C.A., opened his first office on Saint-Laurent Boulevard in Montreal.  Accompanied by Mr. Claude Thibault who is still working with us, they were pioneers in the establishment of a new way of connecting with clients. At the time, their approach contrasted considerably with the typical role of a trustee, which was more geared towards corporate bankruptcy cases. By developing a humane and compassionate approach and putting their clients' needs first, Jean Fortin & Associés quickly distinguished itself and acquired an enviable reputation as a successful family-owned business.

We were also the first to open local offices in various regions and cities in the province of Quebec, thereby allowing us to be closer to our clients. Additionally, in order to offer our clients a wider range of solutions, we made the consumer proposal the cornerstone of our available options, even if, in the beginning, it was not as popular as it should have been.

Throughout the years, Jean Fortin has surrounded himself with competent and loyal staff, of which we are very proud. Professionalism and attention to detail assure that our clientele will receive quality services. Completing the team are both of Jean Fortin's sons, Jean L. and Pierre, who joined him in the early 90s, one as the operations manager and the other as a trustee and counsellor, thus ensuring the company's continuity.

35 years later, although the family has grown considerably, the principles and values have remained the same. The corporate philosophy as applied and emphasized by Jean Fortin - integrity, compassion and respect for the customer – enables us to appreciate our work and be proud to have helped so many people get out of debt, having found the best solutions to their financial problems.

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