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Jean Fortin - Syndic autorisé en insolvabilité Jean Fortin - Syndic autorisé en insolvabilité
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Well guided

I am writing to you this morning to share my experience regarding the services provided. I had the opportunity to get to know and deal with a very good counsellor. She was very kind and understanding. She was also compassionate and thanks to her, I was able to get through these difficult times with great ease. Deciding to file for bankruptcy is extremely difficult for most people, but guided by someone like her, it was so much easier to deal with. Thanks again!

Jean, Sherbrooke

Feeling reassured

From the first moment that we spoke, you gained our confidence. You answered all of our questions concerning the bankruptcy process, which for us, was very stressful. Your knowledge on the subject matter and your explanations were reassuring. We felt that you understood our situation and you guided us through the possible choices available, but most of all, we appreciated your professionalism, your presence, and your availability. We thank you for everything that you have done for us, and rest assured that if, in the future, we encounter individuals with financial difficulties, it will be our pleasure to refer them to your organization.

Daniel, Prévost

Good advice to be followed

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you did for me with regards to my bankruptcy. When I first contacted you, I had given up all hope, and I had no idea where I was going to end up. I was embarrassed to see the position that I had gotten myself into, but you showed me that I was not the only one in this situation. Since our meeting, I have made many changes in my spending habits, I ask myself one question before my every purchase: "Is this going to be useful to me?"  Saving has become a priority and a new way of life, "to buy without getting into debt!"

Robert, Jonquière

Fear of being judged

I would like formally thank the counsellor that I met at your office. I knew absolutely nothing about Bankruptcy.  This counsellor was compassionate, she understood my pain, she was non-judgemental, and as sweet as can be. I was so embarrassed to see the position that I had gotten myself into, but she helped me understand that the situation was due to particular circumstances and not any wrongdoing on my part. Best of all, she stressed the fact that I should not be ashamed. She explained to me that it was the beginning of a new life, financially. I cannot thank her enough for what she did for me.

Sylvie, Sorel-Tracy

Superior availability

I would like to thank you for the excellent services provided during the course of my Consumer Proposal that was recently completed. Your listening skills, your availability, and your ability to help me feel comfortable throughout the proposal process were all factors that encouraged me. Immediately after my first meeting with the counsellor, I felt a huge weight being lifted from my shoulders and the regaining of my self-esteem. On several occasions during the proposal process, I was pleasantly surprised to receive replies to my e-mails even though I knew full well that your offices were closed for the day. Such professionalism!

Thank you again for everything!

Normand, Trois-Rivières

Avoiding bankruptcy with sound advice

Allow us to humbly express our deepest gratitude with regards to the professional services that we received. Your availability, courtesy and dedication were uplifting. Your staff deserves an equal amount of recognition for their diligence, assurance and understanding. I was so pleased to have been able to avoid bankruptcy.

Raymond, Grand-Mère


From the moment that I first entered your offices, not enough could be said about the manner in which I was greeted, the warm welcome and the kindness was second to none. The time and attention that you provided were greatly appreciated. I knew that I was dealing with professionals.  Should the opportunity present itself, it would be my pleasure to recommend your organization. I can have highest of praise for a company as spirited as yours.

Manon, Montréal

Empathy, understanding and assurance

A quick note to say thank you. The consultation was a great comfort to us. We never felt judged and the empathy afforded to us was reassuring. The counsellor had a way of treating us like “normal individuals” despite our financial difficulties and this temporary setback.

Carole, Lévis

Human and empathic

I would like to express my gratitude for the services provided.  It is quite distressing to consider going through a bankruptcy process. From the moment of my initial contact, my concerns were addressed.  It is rare to meet an individual who treated us with such empathy and a human touch. The counsellor’s approach was very professional and non-judgemental.  As such, I would like to express my complete satisfaction with the services provided, which reflect strongly on your organization.

Caroline, Sherbrooke

A human approach

I was in need of your services and I was very satisfied with the counsellor that I dealt with. The human approach taken by the employees at your office pleasantly surprised me, I expected an approach of indifference like that of a police officer, or that taken by my creditors. Not once did I feel judged, instead, I felt compassion, and for that, I am very grateful. I would like to thank you, and the two members of your staff with whom I dealt, for making the bankruptcy process easier to live with.

Nathalie, Montréal


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done for me. It was a pleasure to deal with the staff at your office and I commend you on your professionalism. In a calm and comforting fashion, you and your associates were reassuring and effective. Your counsellors were always available to answer my many questions. I lived through this very difficult period and with your guidance I have now begun a new life, financially. A huge thank you to you and to your team!

Raymond, Trois-Rivières

The shame and the guilt, gone!

Deciding to file for bankruptcy was quite stressful. I felt the shame, the loss of self-esteem and the guilt, but thanks to your organization, I managed to get through this very difficult period. In the dealing with my file, the counsellor’s approach was non-judgmental and very professional. Please be assured that I will diligently follow the advice that was provided. A million thanks for helping me to start fresh and show me back on the right track.

Édith, Shawinigan

Outstanding service

I just finished my proposal with you and I want to share that I am entirely satisfied with the professional services that were offered to me.

The attitude and understanding of your staff are unequalled, their courtesy also. They reassured me during this precarious financial situation and they gave me very good advice.

I will recommend your office without any hesitation.

Thanks for everything

Rose, Val-des-Monts

Great results

I want to thank you for having advised me so well. The results are numerous and all positive. My debt is reduced monthly at an affordable rate, my budget is finally balanced, and my doctor is very happy with the progress of my medical condition. Thanks!

Yves, Sherbrooke

Relevant advise

I want to sincerely thank you for your advice during meetings and also your answers to my emails regarding my file.

Now that everything is finished, I admit it wasn't easy considering the decision at the very beginning. I was worried, but finally, I'm learning to live with less money and especially without a card, though I am not rich.

You are very relevant in the decisions we take when we have problems "in your face”.

Thanks again for your explanation and your concern.

Doris, Longueuil

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