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The trustee is first and foremost a professional specialized in the field of financial difficulties.  He is bound by a Code of Ethics and is regulated by Industry Canada.  He is an advisor whose role is to accompany you in finding appropriate solutions to your financial hardship and regain peace of mind. 

Furthermore, the trustee is the only one authorized by law to administer proposals and bankruptcies. If you need help, the Trustee is the best professional to consult.

The trustee will:

  1.  Assess your financial situation and propose just and impartial solutions;
  2. Take full control of all communications with your creditors;
  3. Help to put your personal finances back on track;
  4. Answer all your questions and address your worries,

The trustee is certainly your best ally.

 If you are experiencing financial difficulties, we recommend that you consult our Explore solutions section.

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