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“For 30 years, our one-on-one approach and customized solutions have helped more people to solve their financial difficulties than any other trustee firm in Quebec. You can trust our experience.”

Pierre Fortin, président

Choix du consommateur, rive-sud, 2015 Consumer choice award, south shore, 2015

SOS, Too much debt? Quick Diagnosis

Your debts are problematic? Obtain a quick diagnosis of it and you'll know where you stand and if your debts are too high. This simple and easy to use tool will present you with a brief evaluation of your current debt situation. This is the first step towards choosing the best solution for you.

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How to solve your financial difficulties

Consulting a trustee is far from being synonymous with bankruptcy. Quite the contrary, it will give you the means and the opportunity to eliminate or reduce your debt and to regain control of your finances. Learning to plan for your resources and adjust your spending accordingly are habits that are acquired over time, using discipline and a little determination. At Jean Fortin & Associates, we have the solution that meets your needs. We are uniquely positioned to help you because our professionals are accredited, recognized and subject to a code of ethics.

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