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For almost 40 years now, our personal finance advisors have helped over 150,000 Quebecers resolve their debt problems, regain peace of mind, and most importantly, feel proud to have regained control over their finances.

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The Jean Fortin approach

Understanding our role

More than just a “licensed insolvency trustees”, the advisors at Jean Fortin are first and foremost specialists in personal finance who adhere to a strict code of ethics. Contrary to popular belief, our role goes well beyond managing a consumer proposal or bankruptcy. We are here to advise you on all the solutions available to you, help you manage your budget, assess your level of debt, and to help you better understand your credit file and the factors that influence it. After meeting with us, our goal is for you to be better equipped for the future.

If you need to trust a professional, the Jean Fortin team has the experience and reputation you are looking for.

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The advantages of Jean Fortin

There are several advantages to choosing us:

  • For over the past four decades, we have built our reputation on offering fair and impartial advice to clients and have earned creditors’ trust in our transparent negotiations of proposals.
  • We have 60 offices across Quebec, New-Brunswick and the Ottawa region in order to better serve you, wherever you are.
  • Appointments are generally scheduled within 48 hours. The entire process can be in-person with public health safety mesures in place or in the confort of your home.
  • Our team can also give you tips on rebuilding your credit.

Together, we can put in place a plan to settle your debts and balance your budget.

Confidentiality is a top priority

We are well aware that debt can be a sensitive subject. This is why we offer several options so you can make an appointment at the most convenient time and place for you, whether it is at one of our offices or by phone or videoconference, in the comfort of your home.  The choice is yours.

Our employees will never contact your family or employer. Your situation only concerns you.


People just like you

Jean Fortin would like to share some real-life situations with you, and how they were resolved.

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Understanding debt

There are many different types of debt. Learn more about each one to better understand how it can affect your financial health and how to manage it.