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Privacy Policy

  • User Engagement Regarding Personal Information Protection
    Jean Fortin and Associates Trustees Inc. places great importance on privacy protection. It is within this framework that we commit to ensuring the confidentiality of personal information collected on this site. This policy aims to inform you about the information we collect and how it might be used to better serve you.

  • Scope of Privacy Policy
    Please note that this policy applies to all those who use the information you provide to us on this site. However, it no longer applies when you visit hyperlinks or references that lead outside the Jean Fortin and Associates website. In such cases, you will be subject to the policy of the administrators of those external sites.

  • Collected Information
    While navigating the Jean Fortin and Associates website, if we ask you to provide your first and last name, email address, and phone number to contact you, it will only be in the context of a chat session, an appointment request made by you, or a question you have submitted to us.

    When you use one of our tools (debt ratio calculator, loan calculator, quick diagnosis, budget, etc.), the result obtained may be retained by us for statistical purposes. However, rest assured that we will not retain data about your financial situation leading to this result, nor your name or any other personally identifiable information.

    Furthermore, when you visit our site, certain personal information such as your IP address, date and time of your visits, and the pages viewed are collected through cookies from your browser.

  • Use of Collected Information
    The personal information you voluntarily provide us enables us to communicate with you for scheduling appointments or better addressing your questions, but only when you request it. At no time will we disclose your information to third parties, except to comply with any request made under a law compelling such disclosure. From time to time, we use transparent pixels for “remarketing” advertising. However, this information does not allow us to identify you by name. To learn how to opt out of this technology, please visit the following address:
  • Right to Withdraw or Modify Provided Information
    You can withdraw or modify your personal information provided on our site at any time by contacting us directly at 1-877-777-2433 or by email at [email protected]. You can also reach out to the person in charge of our Personal Information Policy, Mr. Gilles Rivard, trustee, with your questions or comments in the same manner.
  • Security of Collected Information
    The collected personal information is stored in a secure environment. Our employees are subject to this privacy policy and the Privacy Protection Act.
  • Legislation
    We are committed to respecting the legal provisions of the Laws on Access to Public Documents and the Protection of Personal Information.
  • Responsibility
    Please note that Jean Fortin and Associates Trustees Inc. is not responsible for the accuracy of information provided by a user of the site.
  • Modification of This Privacy Policy for This Site
    Jean Fortin and Associates Trustees Inc. reserves the right to modify this privacy policy at any time and without notice. This is always done with the aim of providing the best guarantees and protections for your personal information.