Privacy Policy

Commitment to User Privacy and Personal Information Protection

Jean Fortin & Associés Syndics Inc. places great importance on privacy protection. In this context, we commit to ensuring the confidentiality of personal information collected on this site and from anyone consulting us about their financial situation. This policy aims to inform you about the information we collect and how it might be used to better serve you.

Scope of the Privacy Policy

Note that this policy applies to all who use the information you transmit to us on this site, either in your interactions with it or with one of our employees.

It also applies to the information and documents you might give us in the context of the following, within the limits indicated:

  • Chat, Appointment Requests and Questions
    During your navigation on the Jean Fortin and Associates site, if you are asked to provide your name and surname, your email address, a phone number to contact you, it will only be in the context of a chat session, an appointment request made by you, or a question you have submitted to us in order to re-establish a broken communication link or to communicate with you subsequently.
  • Use of Tools
    When you use one of our tools (debt ratio, loan calculator, quick diagnosis, budget, etc.), the result obtained may be retained by us for statistical purposes, but we will not retain the data about your financial situation leading to this result, nor your name or any other information that allows us to identify you by name.
  • Consultation with a Personal Finance Advisor from Jean Fortin
    If you opt for a consultation with one of our personal finance advisors, we may ask you for information and/or documents to perform an analysis of your financial situation. This information and documents relate to your assets, liabilities, income, and any other information that might be necessary to provide a complete diagnosis of your financial situation. Furthermore, should we need to act within the framework of a consumer proposal or bankruptcy, other information (please for a non-exhaustive list) might be required to fulfill our mandate as provided by the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA), and this would be subject to a separate agreement.
  • Cookies
    When you visit our site, some personal information such as your IP address, the date and time of your visits, and the pages consulted are collected on cookies from your browser. Occasionally, we use transparent pixels to advertise via “remarketing.” However, this information does not allow us to identify you by name. To learn how to refuse this technology, we invite you to visit the following address:
  • External Sites or Links
    However, it no longer applies when you visit hyperlinks or references leading outside the Jean Fortin and Associates site. You will then be subject to the policy of the managers of these external sites.

Use of Personal Information:

We will not disclose your information to third parties at any time, except to comply with any request made under a law requiring such disclosure. Under no circumstances will we sell information held about you.

Right to Withdraw or Modify Information Provided

You can, at any time, withdraw or modify your personal information provided on our site by contacting us directly at 1 877 777-2433 or by email at You can also share your questions or comments at the same email address, addressing them to our confidential information policy manager, Mr. Gilles Rivard, trustee.

Security of Information Collected

The personal information collected is stored in a secure environment. Our employees are subject to this privacy policy and the Privacy Act.

Retention and Destruction of Personal Information

We keep your personal information for a period of five (5) years. In the event we act as a licensed insolvency trustee, we will retain the information for the period provided by the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act and its rules and instructions (currently four (4) years from our discharge as trustee). When there are physical files, they will be shredded by a firm specializing in the destruction of confidential documents. Electronic files will be permanently deleted from our private computer systems.


We commit to complying with the legislative provisions of the Acts of access to public body documents and the protection of personal information.


Please note that Jean Fortin & Associés Syndics Inc. is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by a site user.

Modification of This Privacy Policy Regarding This Site

Jean Fortin & Associés Syndics Inc. reserves the right to modify this privacy policy at any time, without notice, always aiming to offer the best guarantees and protections for your personal information.

  • First and last name
  • Marital status and number of dependents
  • Spoken language
  • Residential address and email address, phone numbers
  • Date of birth, social insurance number, and driver’s license
  • Employment-related information: source and amount of annual income
  • Assets owned and their worth (house, car, investments, etc.)
  • Names, addresses of creditors, amounts and details of loans
  • Details about life insurance products
  • Credit cards and unpaid balances
  • Bank account statements
  • Communications (email, letters, phone calls) with you, your creditors, and other parties involved as well as any complaints (by you or about you), if applicable
  • Any other information/document according to the circumstances specific to the file