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Debt Consolidation

Read our articles and real-life stories to learn lots of useful information about debt consolidation and what it involves.

How to apply for a debt consolidation loan?

If you think that a consolidation loan might be the solution to settling your debt, the following will provide you with more information with regards to eligibility, duration as well as advantages and disadvantages of the process.

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Debt consolidation: a solution to high debt levels?

To consolidate all your debts into one payment, you can ask your financial institution for a single loan product, provided for that purpose. This is called a debt consolidation. Is...

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True Story – Borrowing from one credit card to pay for another? Beware!

Sophie, 38, likes to indulge in small pleasures. This city official earns a comfortable salary, but she is dealing with so many credit cards that she ended up losing...

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When your debts make you dizzy, you need to take action

Rebecca, a young teacher in her thirties, gradually accumulated credit card debt that now totals $10,000. In addition to that, she has a $5,000 loan taken out to furnish...

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A valuable lesson of caution for a reconstituted family

Derek and Macha have been in a relationship for 2 years. With 2 children each from previous marriages, they decided to live together and buy a large family home....

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What is the difference between debt consolidation and consumer proposal?

If you’re struggling to make ends meet, you may have 2 options to regain control of your finances and avoid bankruptcy. Both debt consolidation and consumer proposals allow you...

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True story: Putting an end to your debts without going bankrupt

How to get out of debt?

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