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Anybody can have debt problems at one or another point in their life. Whether you have accumulated debt over time or because of an unforeseen event, we can help you regain control of your finances.

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For more than 35 years, we have helped thousands of Quebecers experience the relief of getting out of debt. See how…

Why choose a Trustee?

The trustee is a specialist in personal finance and is the best person to help you find a solution to avoid bankruptcy.

1- Expertise and knowledge:
The trustee is a professional specialized in the field of debt management. They possess in-depth knowledge of the laws surrounding debt management. Their license is granted by Industry Canada (Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy) after extensive training and examinations. Their expertise can therefore provide you with a thorough understanding of your options and help you make informed decisions based on your unique financial situation.

2- Objective advice:
The trustee is an impartial professional whose responsibility is to offer objective advice and guidance, considering your best interest, your rights and obligations. The trustee adheres to a strict Code of Ethics and must answer the Superintendent of Bankruptcy and Insolvency for any complaints.

3- Legal protection:
The trustee handles all administrative procedures. They will act as an intermediary between you and your creditors and will protect your rights throughout the process, thereby reducing the stress and pressure associated with settling your debts.

4- Financial education:
The trustee will not only help you solve your financial problems but will also focus on your long-term financial stability. He or she will provide budgeting advice and tools to help you rebuild your credit and develop good financial habits for the future.

5- Offer best options for you:
Because the trustee is the only professional authorized by law to handle consumer proposals and bankruptcies, he can offer all available debt solutions. Since 1984, the professionals at Jean Fortin have been exclusively dedicated to helping individuals and businesses resolve their debt problems. Finding solutions to debt is our purpose and sole priority.

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