Sale of Certain Assets

Eliminate some expenses and give yourself a chance to regain your financial stability.

This may become necessary if financial difficulties are due (entirely or in part) to the acquisition or maintenance of an asset such as a house, a cottage, a second car, a motorcycle, etc.

The sale of this asset could, in some cases, allow you to promptly repay your debts and solve your financial problems. The sale of an asset can also prove to be wise when its maintenance or operating costs are high (example: Sea-doo). Eliminating this type of expenditure will enable you to restore a balanced budget.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done for me. It was a pleasure to deal with the staff at your office and I commend you on your professionalism. In a calm and comforting fashion, you and your associates were reassuring and effective. Your counsellors were always available to answer my many questions. I lived through this very difficult period and with your guidance I have now begun a new life, financially. A huge thank you to you and to your team!

Raymond, Trois-Rivières