What factors should guide me choosing a trustee?

You can no longer make ends meet and need to consult with a trustee. Are you now asking yourself how to choose one? Do you get the impression that they are all the same?

Financial difficulties are about numbers of course, but also an emotional aspect that we should not underestimate. This is why your choice should, of course, take into account the financial professional’s experience, but should not be limited to that one aspect.

The professional that you consult should have the skills to:

  • Perform a proper analysis of your finances, as the solutions that will come out of the meeting depend on it.
  • Take the time to answer all of your questions, as it will most likely be the first (and last) time that you will find yourself in this situation. The lingo of the trade may sometimes be confusing!
  • Explain all of the possible alternatives, ensuring that they are clear in their explanations because emotions may sometimes make us less objective and our ability to analyze is then compromised.
  • Understand the personal component to your situation because, beyond the numbers, lies a human being. Very often, financial difficulties emerge after a personal problem: separation, job loss, illness. Before tackling the more formal and financial side of the situation, we must take the time to listen to the client to make sure we understand the problem and reassure them.

Making the right choice in your professional is your first step towards better days.

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