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Bankruptcy Relief

Read our articles and real-life stories to learn lots of useful information about bankruptcy and what it involves.

When to declare bankruptcy?

When is the right time and possible reasons to contact an insolvency professional to analyze your financial situation?

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What will be the impact on my spouse/partner if I declare bankruptcy?

If you concerned about the potential impacts on your spouse or partner if you declare bankruptcy, you should read this.

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The CERB and bankruptcy

To the extent that I am experiencing financial difficulties, is it possible to include such a debt in a bankruptcy or a proposal?

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How to Avoid Personal Bankruptcy?

In times of financial distress, personal bankruptcy is not your only option.

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Real-life story – An inheritance that could be loss to debts

Denis, 49, a father of two children still in school, saw his finances capsize after his divorce. If that wasn’t enough, he loss his job four months after. The inheritance...

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Real-life story – Separated and forced into bankruptcy

Separated from the father of her child 2 years ago, Martine still has not recovered financially. Stuck with debts of $ 25,000 and receiving a before tax income of...

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The real consequences of a personal bankruptcy

We thought we’d share with you the most common questions about bankruptcy. These are legitimate concerns that we hear very often when people come in for an exploratory consultation....

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Uncertainties in the face of bankruptcy

Bankruptcy, consumer proposal, garnishments, legal proceedings… Many misconceptions exist concerning their impacts and options that help to get your personal finances back on track. Here are 5 questions that licensed...

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Real-life story – Separation or Divorce

In addition to being emotionally painful, a separation can have a significant impact on your finances.

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