The ABCs of a simple and efficient budget

We all know the importance of keeping a budget, but knowing how much we will have to spend for each expense category is no easy feat.

While each person’s situation is different, we created a budget template for a family comprising two adults and two children, with a gross family income (before taxes) of $75,000, which corresponds to a net after-tax income of approximately $56,000/year.

With the help of the percentages attributed to each budgetary item, you will be able to see if your expenses are lower or higher than what is recommended.

Here is the suggested breakdown of expenses for a net family income of $4,666/month:

Housing (incl. heating/electricity) 32 1,500$
 Transportation 18 840$
Food 18 840$
Recreation/travel 10 450$
 Clothing 5 230$
 Telecommunications 5 230$
Personal expenses 5 230$
Savings 5 230$
Miscellaneous 2 100$


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