Affidavit/Sworn Statement

An affidavit is a sworn statement by a person affirming the truthfulness of its contents.

In Quebec, an affidavit is used to provide evidence in legal proceedings or other legal procedures, such as affidavits and depositions. It is also used to confirm the accuracy of the statement of affairs submitted by a person filing a consumer proposal or bankruptcy. The affidavit must be attested by at least one other person who can certify that it was made truthfully. Typically, this witness should not have any personal interest in the case or the outcome of the proceeding.

For an affidavit to be considered valid by Quebec courts, certain additional elements must be present. These include a clear description of all parties involved and any witnesses, detailed facts and circumstances, dates and times where applicable, signatures of all parties involved, and contact information for all signatories of the document. Affidavits may also need to be notarized to ensure they have been properly executed in accordance with all legal requirements.